Funding Source: Title I (Preschool Education)

Meet the diverse needs of all learners with a go-to resource packed with hundreds of instructional strategies from the major instructional schools of thought. This flip chart is easy to use and supports high-quality instruction with academic and behavioral strategies designed with all learners in mind.

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The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Educator Wheel supports teachers and other educators in successfully creating a culture conducive to learning, resulting in improved teacher and student performance and increased overall achievement.

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Build a school-wide culture based on the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking. Classroom and school culture shape students’ development as thinkers and learners. ThinkUp! Foundations guides educators as they create a thinking culture that promotes student engagement, deeper understanding, and a lifetime of learning.

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“We were looking for something to meet the needs of our students, not just a retooled workbook. After reviewing Total Motivation, my teachers decided that Mentoring Minds hit the target.”

Emil Carafa
Lodi, NJ