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Educators across the country rely on Mentoring Minds for math resources that are aligned to state standards, support rigorous instruction, and help students master content vocabulary.

Reference 100% of the Math and/or ELA standards for multiple grade levels in one easy-to-use flip chart. This multi-level reference tool is perfect for educators who facilitate curriculum across many grade levels. In addition to listing all standards, the flip chart includes dozens of instructional strategies and ideas to equip students for success.

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Reference the grade-level standards for all subjects in one easy-to-use flip chart. This tool is ideal for teachers or anyone who implements curriculum on a single grade level. In addition to listing all grade-level standards, the flip chart includes dozens of research-based strategies for classroom management, critical thinking, and vocabulary instruction.

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Total Motivation Math addresses 100% of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and prepares students to excel on high-stakes assessments by building their critical thinking skills. Delivered in both print and online formats, Total Motivation Math allows greater flexibility in the classroom. Teachers have access to all of the standards, unpacked and explained, along with proven strategies for formative assessment, instruction, interve...

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The TEKS Mastery Series is the perfect resource for teachers as they implement the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and plan purposeful instruction to promote student achievement. These content-specific flip charts contain the standards, instructional activities, and other valuable resources that empower teachers to deliver effective instruction that results in student mastery while enhancing critical thinking.

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Ever wondered what to do with the math manipulatives stacked in your classroom? This flip chart provides dozens of ideas for teaching math concepts with the help of manipulatives for grade levels 3–5. Learn how to engage students with concrete objects and lay an experiential foundation that promotes retention, application, and extension of math concepts.

Boost student confidence and expose students to the rigor, format, and structure of STAAR. These TEKS-based assessments help teachers identify individual student learning gaps so they can more accurately guide instruction.

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“Total Motivation Math gives lots of great tips for me to use during my teacher-directed portion of the lesson to help the kids make a connection with the unit. I really like it because it’s rigorous, but it’s also very real world.”

Neal Andrews
5th Grade Teacher
Greensboro, NC