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Foster scientific curiosity and help students master state standards with resources that are packed with hands-on activities and designed to be used with the NGSS and STEM.

Reference the grade-level standards for all subjects in one easy-to-use flip chart. This tool is ideal for teachers or anyone who implements curriculum on a single grade level. In addition to listing all grade-level standards, the flip chart includes dozens of research-based strategies for classroom management, critical thinking, and vocabulary instruction.

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The TEKS Mastery Series is the perfect resource for teachers as they implement the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and plan purposeful instruction to promote student achievement. These content-specific flip charts contain the standards, instructional activities, and other valuable resources that empower teachers to deliver effective instruction that results in student mastery while enhancing critical thinking.

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“We were looking for something to meet the needs of our students, not just a retooled workbook. After reviewing Total Motivation, my teachers decided that Mentoring Minds hit the target.”

Emil Carafa
Lodi, NJ