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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations that implement and follow a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility create positive, sustainable change by operating in a way that is both ethical and beneficial to others.

Mentoring Minds is deeply committed to practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in an effort to support employee and community engagement and positively impact society as a whole through its activities. For example, we help schools and families thrive by supporting the BackPack Program (a national initiative of the hunger-relief charity, Feeding America) and also education initiatives like the National Distinguished Principal award, which rewards educators for groundbreaking work.

In our local community, our employee program, MindSHARE, supports several non-profit organizations—each chosen by our employees (many of whom also serve as active volunteers). By our example, we hope to encourage other businesses to also incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility and enthusiastically embrace the fusion of corporate integrity, giving, and the spirit of volunteerism at work.

In this way, we create meaningful work experiences and participate in important causes with the potential to change lives for the better—including our own.

Corporate social responsibility incorporates the spirit of volunteerism and giving at every level and results in an overall benefit to society.