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  • ThinkUp! Adventures | Getting Started with ThinkUp! Math

    Follow Brandon and Veronica in their adventures as they apply critical thinking to every learning experience.

  • ThinkUp! Adventures | Getting Started with ThinkUp! ELAR

    Brandon and Veronica are best friends who use what they've learned from the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System to make the most of their adventures outside of the classroom.

  • ThinkUp! Adventures | Getting Started with ThinkUp! Science

    Equipped with critical thinking skills, Brandon and Veronica take ownership of their learning with ThinkUp! Science.

  • ThinkUp! at Tool Elementary

    Equipped with cameras and microphones, we went to Tool Elementary to see and hear for ourselves how schools are using ThinkUp! Watch as educators share stories about how ThinkUp! is providing the critical thinking skills that their students will need in higher education, their careers, and beyond.

  • By Educators, for Educators

    We combine our first-hand experience with direct feedback from educators to create truly classroom-ready products.

  • Critical Thinking Can Help Break Cycles of Poverty

    Mentoring Minds Product Manager Ladona Cook describes the impact teaching critical thinking can have on disadvantaged children.

  • We Want to Help Young Girls Choose Their Futures

    As female scientists ourselves, we take special care to appeal to young girls in our science curriculum.

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We equip educators with the resources to teach students to think critically. ThinkUp! offers educators and students a path for continual growth that leads to improved student achievement and success in the future.


Critical Thinking Success Stories

Hear from Those Who Matter Most: Educators on the Frontlines of Our Future

  • “It’s not just about testing, it’s about building their character and building who they are in order to prepare them for their future jobs.”

    Mallory McConnell
    5th Grade Math Teacher, Brown Elementary

  • Derrick Conley, Principal, Birch Elementary

    “Our average success, or passing rate, went up eighteen percentage points per test, and there’s eight tests.”

    Derrick Conley, Principal, Birch Elementary

  • Derrick Conley, Principal, Birch Elementary

    “If you’re a critical thinker, it goes across all areas of your life. It’s not something that you turn on and turn off, it’s always going to be there.”

    Michele Walker, Administrator, Coordinator of Special Programs, Pinetree ISD

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