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Read what other colleagues are saying about Mentoring Minds' resources: 

"Your flipcharts have eased my teachers’ tension with regard to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The tools distill the CCSS into a user friendly format. Our teachers use the flipcharts at grade-level team meetings to break down the standards, plan curriculum and build assessments. Then, they take the flipcharts into their classrooms for lesson planning." - C. Dougherty, District Coordinator

I have been using these math resources for several years now. The only thing I care about for my students is that they succeed in academics, especially in math. I feel that if these resources were utilized for every grade level in problem solving, then students would be more prepared for college and real life problems in math!” - K. Franco, Math Coach

Teachers are thrilled with Motivation Reading! They find many different ways to incorporate Motivation Reading into daily instruction.  What makes Motivation Reading stand above all is that it motivates students to think creatively and critically. Motivation Reading delivers!  Mentoring Minds has exceeded all expectations!” - M. Allmond-Helmer, Curriculum Facilitator

We love them! I have suggested the use of the Common Core Standards Flip Charts to our superintendent and the other principals in our district. The flip chart makes writing curriculum easier because Mentoring Minds has everything laid out for us.” - S. Joseph, Principal, Proctorville, OH

In a recent visit by university representatives to our high school, college personnel commented that, for the first time ever, they were witnessing students using critical thinking skills and putting these skills into action. They had heard this in theory but now were actually seeing it practiced in the classroom. This is due to the use of student critical thinking wheels in the classroom.” - M. Valenzuela, South Texas ISD

I discovered Mentoring Minds’ Motivation Math at CAMT during the summer of 2006. The idea that it was written by Texas educators who knew the TEKS was my primary interest. The next spring, my third-grade scores went from third from the bottom in the district to the top ten in the district, and we have 70 elementary campuses. Wow!
- N. Kilborn, Math Specialist, Northside ISD


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