Add Users 3 Different Ways

Updated October 15, 2017

Learn how to add users in Total Motivation using three different methods, then choose the option that works best for your teachers and students. You can choose to add users manually one at a time, import new users in a batch by uploading a spreadsheet, or allow students to self-register. After adding a user, you have the option to connect it to a Clever or Google account for single sign-on.

Import New Users

The Import Users feature allows teachers and administrators the capability to import users into the system. Keep in mind:

  • District Administrators can add any user to the import file
  • School Administrators can add school administrators, students, and teachers
  • Teachers can only add students

Before you begin, you can ask your District Technology Specialist to export student information (name and grade level) from your Student Information System into an Excel format. (In the steps below, you will convert this information into a CSV file.) Once you’ve gathered this information, you’re ready to follow these steps to import students.

  1. Go to, log in to your Teacher or Administrator account, and navigate to the Import Users area from the Management drop-down menu.
  2. Verify that the users you want to add have not already been added to the system. In the Import Users area, you can see how many students, teachers, and administrators are in the school, as well as when the most recent account was created. You can search for individual users by using the search field.
  3. Download the Import Users Template from the Import Users area by clicking the “Download an import template now” button in the lower right corner of the Import Users area.
    Download the Import User Template
  4. Open the template on your desktop and follow the instructions in column L to add user information. Here are some things to keep in mind:
    —Grade Level: use only numerals (e.g., 3 not three)
    —Role: enter Student, Teacher, or School Admin
    —School Name: Use the exact school name that appears in the upper right corner of your screen when you’re logged in to Total Motivation. The school name in the import template must match this naming convention in order for the import to be successful.
    Use the school name as it appears at the top of your dashboard —Class Label (optional): Use class labels to identify students who belong to a certain class (i.e. share the same teacher during the same class period). This allows teachers to easily search for students by label when setting up new classes in the system.
    —User IDs: Review Best Practices for Passwords and User IDs for guidance.
  5. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file by selecting File > Save As. Select CSV as the file type. You will be warned that some features might be lost when saving in a CSV format. That is OK. Click Yes and close out of the template.
    Save the template as a CSV file
  6. Import the CSV file by clicking “Select the import file to use” in the Import Users area and locating the saved CSV file that you created in the previous steps.
    Import the CSV file

Successful Imports. A message will appear to confirm your successful import, and imported users will now appear in the Management area under All Users.

Unsuccessful Imports. If the system identifies an error during import, a message will appear that identifies the fields or columns in the CSV file that need to be corrected. Open the file, fix the error, and import the file once again.

Duplicate Imports. If users have been manually entered into the system prior to the import, there is a possibility of duplicate users in the system. To resolve this, delete manually entered users prior to the import. Or, find duplicates and delete them in the Users Management area after the import.

Add Users Manually

In some situations, you may want to manually add a user. Follow these steps to manually add users in the Users Management area of the system.

  1. Go to, log in to your Teacher or Administrator account, and navigate to the Users Management area.
    Navigate to the My Students section of the Management area
    The lower portion of the Management screen shows My Students/Show All Users. By default, you see Students in your class. You can toggle between All Users, which shows all users within your school, and My Students at any time. You can also click any column to sort in ascending or descending order. Use the search field to quickly find a specific user.
  2. Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the My Students section. Always check to see if a user is already in the system before adding them manually.
  3. Enter the required data in the New User window. Refer to Best Practices for User IDs and Passwords for guidelines on creating a new account.
  4. Click Save. The new user will now appear in the My Students section.  Next, you may decide to add the user to a class or group, or make new assignments.

Allow Students to Self-Register

The third way to add new users is to have students self-register and enroll. If the student is a new user who has not yet registered for Total Motivation, they will be able to enroll in a class at the time of registration. Find step-by-step instructions for guiding students through this process.