Create Reports

Updated October 15, 2017

Teachers and administrators have the option to create a report at any time to evaluate student progress on standards mastery or on specific items. You can also print or export the data.

Create a Report

  1. Log in to your Teacher or Administrator account
  2. Click on Reports from the Dashboard
  3. Select a report type
  4. Select specific classes/groups, titles, and a date range for student assignments to be included in the report
  5. Click “Generate Report”

There are two important things to note:

Reports are color-coded to help you quickly identify student progress and opportunities for intervention. You can customize the color-coding by clicking the Edit button in the Legend section. You can change between 2 or 3 colors and adjust the definitions for each of the categories based on school or district policy.

Time on Task allows you to see how long students spent working on an assignment. Hover over a score to see the average and total time for a specific question, assignment, or standard at the student or class level.

Hover over a score to see time on task

Print or Export a Report

After creating a report, you have the option to print the report or export it as an Excel file for further analysis or to compile additional data. Click the Print or Export buttons in the top left corner of the report.

About Standards Mastery Report

The Standards Mastery Report allows users to quickly view class performance by level, standard, and grade. It shows averages of all questions or items that relate to a particular standard, allowing educators to evaluate which standards need to be retaught at the whole class, small group, and individual levels. This report is available for district, school, class, and individual levels.

Monitor student progress with reports

Tip: Hover over a standard on the report will open a tool-tip that provides a detailed description of the standard and student expectations.

About Items Analysis Report

The Item Analysis Report allows users to view student performance on each activity or assessment item that they complete. This report is useful in identifying classroom trends in addition to providing data to inform student groupings or opportunities for interventions, extension activities, or reteaching.