Get Started with Total Motivation

Updated January 6, 2017

Our Instructional Support team is on hand to support you all year long as you implement Total Motivation. Here are some tips to get started, both for administrators and teachers.

Step-by-Step for Administrators

Step 1. Designate Total Motivation Users

Choose someone to lead the implementation of Total Motivation. Designate the implementation leader and teachers as users so that they will receive timely implementation support that will help them activate online licenses and take full advantage of the resource.

Step 2. Technology Check

Contact your Technology Director to discuss Internet connectivity, overall bandwidth demands, and the devices that you will use to access your online licenses, and make sure each device is compatible.

For step-by-step instructions, please see Check Browser Compatibility and System Requirements.

Step 3. Activate Your Online License

Activate your online license so that you can access reports and support implementation efforts. Teachers can register with the card affixed to the front of each Teacher Edition. Administrators should follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 4. Add Students and Set Up Classes

Talk with your designated implementation leader and decide how you will activate student online licenses. You can choose one of three methods:

  • Administrators import students.
  • Teachers or administrators manually add students.
  • Students self-register using class codes.

Step 5. Support Your Teachers

Make sure all teachers are aware of the wealth of resources available in their Teacher Edition. Troubleshoot technical issues and monitor online usage to make sure teachers are getting the most out of this resource.

Step-by-Step for Teachers

Step 1. Inventory Your Resources

Total Motivation includes a Teacher Edition and Student Edition. All Total Motivation content is available in print and online, and you have access to both. The mirrored content permits you to seamlessly switch between formats, allowing a hybrid and interactive learning environment that is teacher-facilitated.

Each teacher should have:

  • A Teacher Edition, which also includes a registration card on the front cover to activate your online license
  • A Student Edition for each participating student

If you have not received your materials, including your registration card, check with your administrator or contact us at (800) 585-5258.

Step 2. Activate Your Online License

Online access to Total Motivation is included with every purchase. Before you begin setting up your account and your classes, check with your administrator or implementation leader. Some schools prefer to import all students at the same time, while others have individual teachers import their students.

Use this Customer Support site as a resource for self-guided training. Help articles, on-demand webinars, and downloadable resources can help you make the most out of Total Motivation. You can always access Customer Support from your Total Motivation account by clicking on the green Resources button in the upper right corner of your screen when you are logged in.

If you need assistance with importing students into the online system, you can easily schedule a Student Import and Class Setup Consultation with a representative.

Step 3. Review the Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition is the key to unlocking the full potential of Total Motivation and is designed for flexible implementation. You can design lesson plans to supplement existing lessons or create enrichment and intervention opportunities for students. Activities not initially selected for lesson use can be used later to “loop” concepts or to provide further development of the lesson objective. To become familiar with the Teacher Edition, access the print or online version and complete the following:

  • Read the introductory information that immediately follows the Table of Contents
  • Select a unit/module and read the instructional activities provided for each section

Step 4. Review the Student Edition

When you have gained an understanding of the Teacher Edition design and components, we suggest you review the corresponding unit/module in the Student Edition. The various activities and formative assessments demonstrate how the Teacher and Student Editions can be used in conjunction to support instruction.

Step 5. Lesson Plan Development

The full value of Total Motivation is experienced when the Teacher and Student Editions are used collectively to plan effective and engaging lessons.

  • Refer to your district scope and sequence to determine the standards to be addressed. Locate the unit(s)/module(s) that address targeted standards.
  • Review the strategies, activities, vocabulary terms, and suggested formative assessments in the Teacher Edition and the activities in the Student Edition.
  • Collaborate with your grade-level colleagues to plan appropriate standards-based instruction.

Need more help?

Our team is ready to support your implementation. If you have any question about putting Total Motivation into practice, contact us.

You can also download a PDF with tips for getting started.