Make New Assignments

Updated October 15, 2017

Learn how to make assignments online using Total Motivation®, preview assignments before you hand them out, and give assignments to select groups or individual students within a class.

Prerequisites: Before you can make assignments, you will need to create a Teacher account, create Student accounts (you can choose from 3 methods), and set up Classes and/or Groups.

Assign Content Online

  1. Sign in to your Teacher account.
  2. Click the Assignments drop-down menu from the Teacher Dashboard.
  3. Click New Assignments.
  4. Select the Class(es), Group(s), and/or individual students who will receive the assignment.
  5. Select the appropriate Subject and Level.
  6. Select the unit from the drop-down menu.
  7. Check the box in front of each lesson you plan to assign. (Click the Select/Deselect All button to quickly make your selection. Items or lessons not available to be assigned online will appear greyed out.)
  8. Click the Assign Now button to assign the selected lessons to the selected students.

The lessons that you selected will now be highlighted, indicating that you’ve already assigned them to the students.

Assign Content Offline

You can choose to have your students complete an assignment offline and then manually grade and enter scores online. This gives students flexibility with the assignment’s format while still ensuring that the data will be included in reports.

Select the option “Students will complete in book” when assigning offline lessons. To enter scores after you’ve graded the offline assignment, click Grade Assignments from the Assignments drop-down menu on the Dashboard.

Grade assignments by accessing the Assignments drop-down menu


Preview Assignments

While choosing lessons to assign, you can preview unit content by clicking the green Preview button. (Also see step-by-step instructions for previewing content using an interactive whiteboard.)

  1. Navigate to the New Assignments area in your Teacher account.
  2. Select the students, subject, level, and assignment you wish to preview.
  3. Click the green Preview button.
  4. Click the green whiteboard icon next to either the Student or Teacher Edition to view the pages enlarged in a new browser window.

Preview assignments before you assign to students