Navigate Total Motivation as a Teacher

Updated October 15, 2017

Total Motivation supports three different user roles: Administrators, Teachers, and Students. Each user role has access to features, tools, and content they need to be successful with Total Motivation. Learn everything you need to know how to navigate the online system with a Teacher account with this quick overview.

Prerequisite: Create a Teacher Account.

The Teacher Dashboard appears when you log in to your account. From here, teachers can access helpful links and perform three main tasks: create and manage assignments, view reports, and manage classes and users.

Navigate the Teacher Dashboard in Total Motivation


The Assignments drop-down menu allows you to create new assignments for your class, manage existing ones, and grade assignments. You can browse each subject and grade level registered to your account, view units and instructional activities, and assign them to your students.

The Grade Assignments section provides quick access to all assignments that need to be graded. It also allows teachers to send and receive feedback to individual students, as well as lock or unlock student access to completed assignments.


The Reports area allows you to build a variety of reports based on standards mastery and item analysis. The wealth of data in these reports helps identify learning gaps and pinpoints those students who require additional support.


The Management area helps teachers manage classes, groups, students, and users. Teachers can:

  • Create and organize users, classes, and groups
  • Assign students and titles to classes or groups
  • Set up or verify class/group sign-up codes
  • Change user passwords
  • Import users*

*This allows you to import students in a batch rather than adding them one by one. All student data is secure and can only be access by authorized users.

Helpful Features and Links

In addition to these main areas, the Dashboard also gives teachers quick access to several other helpful features and links.

The Single Sign-On option allows users to log in using their credentials from Google or Clever.

The Whiteboard enables teachers to display a lesson on a Smart Board, Promethean board, or other interactive whiteboard or projection device.

The Help button in the upper right corner provides a drop-down menu with links to live chat, a browser test, and other helpful destinations:

  • Live Chat lets you chat directly with the Mentoring Minds support team during school hours.
  • Email Support allows you to send a help request via email.
  • Contact Us provides the phone number and email for the Mentoring Minds support team.
  • Browser Test checks your system for browser compatibility.
  • Terms and Conditions states the End User Agreement.
  • Resources connects you to the Customer Support website with 24/7 access to tutorial videos, step-by-step technical support, on-demand webinars, and more.