Student Privacy and Data

Updated January 6, 2017

Total Motivation includes an online learning system, Motivation Online, operated by Mentoring Minds, L.P., 4908 Hightech Dr., Tyler, TX 75703.

(1)   To use the Motivation Online system, your school/school district is required to consent to the collection, use and disclosure of information from children in your school/school district as described below.  Mentoring Minds and its vendors will not collect, use or disclose any personal information from children at your school if you do not provide such consent. Without your consent, your students will not be able to use the Motivation Online system.

(2)   If your students begin using the Motivation Online system, your students’ names, user identifier and password will be collected in addition to the information they provide  while using the system (such as answers to assignments or assessment questions).  We may combine this information with information collected from your school or school district. The information collected will be used to deliver the Motivation Online service to your school/school district, to generate and provide performance results, usage information, feedback and reports to your school or school district, and to assist you with customer service inquiries and technical support.

(3)   Anyone with administrative rights to the Motivation Online system at your school/district and teachers at your school will have access to all of the above information.

(4)   The vendor that assists Mentoring Minds with the Motivation Online system, My Satori, will also have access to the above information and has agreed to comply with the Mentoring Minds privacy policy.

(5)   Mentoring Minds’ full privacy policy can be found here:

(6)   If your school accepts the Mentoring Minds quote or order form to which this notice is attached or returns a purchase order that includes the Motivation Online system, such actions will constitute your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of information, as described in this notice and in the Mentoring Minds privacy policy.

(7)   If you have privacy-related questions about the Motivation Online service, please contact or call 855-780-9889.