T-TESS Instructional Video Series

Updated December 11, 2017

The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) encourages teachers to adopt more student-centered practices and shift from a mindset of “How did I do?” to “How can I grow?” This instructional video series explains that shift, explores common misconceptions about T-TESS, and examines what it means to be a student-centered teacher.

You’ll learn how to use the T-TESS Flip Chart as you plan lessons, reflect on instruction, create a learning environment, and set professional goals. These videos are a great way to spark a discussion about T-TESS with your colleagues, too. Videos can be viewed in any order.

Suggested resources:

4 Facts About T-TESS

T-TESS helps teachers shift from a mindset of “How did I do?” to “How can I grow?” Hear a teacher and assistant principal discuss this fundamental shift. They also discuss the T-TESS rubric, evaluation cycle, and the changing roles of the teacher and appraiser.

4 Misconceptions About T-TESS

Hear from a teacher and assistant principal on four common misconceptions about T-TESS. Featured topics include evidence and artifacts, performance levels, and the T-TESS evaluation cycle.

T-TESS and the Student-Centered Teacher

T-TESS is designed to help teachers continually grow, reflect on their practices, and build more student-centered learning experiences for their students. Learn what “student-centered” means for each of the four T-TESS domains.

T-TESS in Action

Learn practical tips and ideas for implementing T-TESS and using the T-TESS Flip Chart as a reference throughout the evaluation cycle.