How to Use the Teacher Edition

Updated January 6, 2017

Each unit in a Total Motivation® Teacher Edition contains dozens of resources to support standards-based instruction and lesson planning. For all subjects, units are designed around the standards, which means that Total Motivation can fit any scope or sequence and easily pair with other curricula. Watch the video or read about the Teacher Edition’s contents below.

Teacher Edition Overview

The Teacher Edition is much more than just an answer key. While it helps teachers facilitate activities in the Student Edition, it also guides teachers as they incorporate standards into instruction and plan lessons. Each unit provides additional activities and strategies not found in the Student Edition that help teachers differentiate instruction, integrate technology, and monitor student mastery of the standards.

Because units are centered on a single standard (or 2 closely related standards), implementation is flexible and the content maps to any scope and sequence. Incorporate activities into existing lessons or use them as opportunities for enrichment and intervention. Total Motivation also embeds rigor and critical thinking into all activities, allowing teachers to take a spiral approach to instruction. Many teachers also save activities to “loop” concepts later in the year.