Meet Our Team

Educators. Leaders. Critical Thinkers.

We’ve built a team of talented people who are passionate about three things—solving problems, impacting education, and keeping the focus on students and teachers. Every day, they bring the expertise they’ve earned in classrooms and in their communities to their work, and we’re proud to have each and every one as part of the Mentoring Minds family.

  • Who Leads The Company?
  • Who Creates The Products?
  • Who Supports Our Customers?
Who Leads The Company?

Senior Leadership Team

Alex Cook

VP, Finance & Operations

Jennifer Hoitsma

VP, Marketing & Corporate Strategy

Ashley Kutach

VP, People & Chief of Staff

Marvin Wagner

VP, Sales & Customer Experience
Who Creates The Products?
Who Supports Our Customers?

Customer Success Team

Nikki Caballero

Customer Support Lead

Amanda Davis

Product Engagement Lead

Annalise Hartley

Customer Engagement Specialist

Connie Warren

Customer Engagement Specialist

Kristen Ballard

Customer Service Representative

Vickie Cardenas

Customer Service Representative

Natalie Tucker

Customer Service Representative