Angela Singer

ELA Writer

As a writer of ELA resources, Angela creates engaging activities like vocabulary snowball fights, poetry puzzle pieces, and three-dimensional graphic organizers. Sixteen years of experience teaching secondary ELAR classes provide Angela with a unique perspective of the kinds of activities that enable students to excel in the classroom—and the time it takes to develop them. Her passion is for equipping teachers with toolkits for success so they don’t have to sacrifice time with their own families to create customized materials that meet the specificity of the standards and the rigor of standardized assessments.

In her years as an educator, Angela cherished the relationships she built with her students, which allowed her to support their life goals and impart her love for literature. Now, she channels that passion into the content she develops at Mentoring Minds. When she’s not reading or writing something fabulous, you’ll find Angela raising 5 kids and working honey bees in her bee yard.

If you don't take the time to do it right the first time, when will you find the time to do it all again?

Ernie Liebig, Former Camp Director
(as told to Angela while mopping floors)

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