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Integration of Pedagogy and Technology

How can we expect students to reach standards and move beyond without integrating technology into learning? How can technology improve the learning culture? How can technology increase student responsibility toward learning? How can technology make learning experiences relevant? Using technology in isolation is not the answer, but combining it with pedagogy seems to be key. Pedagogy is how teachers orchestrate learning to promote student success. To increase student interest and eagerness to excel, technologies become effective tools when teachers understand how these tools deepen learning and how to use them in relation to pedagogical strategies.

Effective technological learning opportunities do not happen without teachers taking deliberate pedagogical actions. Pedagogy is the foundational thread that is critical to instruction using print with online materials and other technologies for learning. Successful integration requires a cultural shift away from traditional instructional practices. With numerous print resources available, educators must recognize that technology can work hand-in-hand to make new forms of learning possible, yet support student-centered, engaged learning. Such opportunities invite student interaction, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The integration of technological tools with targeted pedagogy offers differentiated learning options and resources for teaching and learning that address educational goals for 21st-century classrooms.

A classroom environment can increase engagement and drive higher-order thinking by integrating educational technologies into teaching practices and designing activities around student learning. When integrating technology with traditional curriculum, teachers should offer real-time support and encouragement to students and continuously evaluate the positive impact of new applications on learning. Together, pedagogical practices with the best uses of technology can provide students access to a learning environment that prepares them to achieve, to be innovative, and to compete globally.

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