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The Components of ThinkUp!

While the individual components and instruction will vary with each subject area, all ThinkUp! curricula follow the same five sections that are each designed with a specific purpose and provide a variety of tools to help you deliver effective TEKS-based instruction to your students.

  • Getting Started: The purpose of the Getting Started section is to introduce the unit focus TEKS and Critical Thinking Traits that support students as they learn, practice, and master the TEKS concepts. 
  • Instruction: The purpose of the Instruction section is to provide an explanation for students and teachers of the unit focus TEKS, to identify essential vocabulary, and to provide activities and practice items to assist in moving closer to the goal of student mastery of the TEKS.
  • Assessment: The purpose of the Assessment section is to provide students with opportunities to apply the unit focus TEKS/concept in a context that mimics high-stakes testing.
  • Intervention: The purpose of the Intervention section is to provide engaging instructional activities that support students who have demonstrated the need for intervention in order to show mastery of the unit focus TEKS concepts.
  • Extension: The purpose of the Extension section is to provide students opportunities to relate, explore, or extend the learning of the unit focus TEKS/concept in a new context.

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