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This is a product image of four ThinkUp! Educator Resources. Standards Mastery Series flip chart, ThinkUp! Foundations flip chart, Critical Thinking Teacher Wheel, Critical Thinking Student Wheel


Equip educators with resources to empower students to think critically.

The Standards Mastery Series guides educators as they design and execute instruction leading to student mastery of the CCSS for Math and ELA.


ThinkUp! Foundations guides educators as they create a thinking culture that promotes student engagement, deeper understanding, and a lifetime of learning.


The Critical Thinking Educator Wheel features questioning prompts based on Bloom’s/Revised Bloom’s Taxonomies and other information to help teachers design dynamic lesson plans.


The ThinkUp! Critical Thinking Student Wheels and Teacher Guide for levels 1–3, 4–5, and 6–12 offers convenient access to critical thinking stems based on Blooms Taxonomy.

This is a product image of four ThinkUp! Educator Wheels. Accommodations, ADD/ADHD, Depth of Knowledge, SEL


Gain convenient access to strategies that support the learning needs of all students.

The SEL Wheel supports educators in successfully creating a culture conducive to learning, resulting in improved teacher and student performance and increased overall achievement.
The DOK/RBT Wheel provides quick-and-easy access to two critical thinking models, one on each side of the wheel.
The ADD/ADHD Wheel assists educators as they develop strategies to improve teaching and learning with ADD/ADHD learners.
The Accommodations Wheel serves as a complete step-by-step guide for accommodations implementation.

This is a product image of two ThinkUp! instructional flip charts. Multi-Tiered System of Supports, Master Instructional Strategies


Support instruction with practical tools that provide effective teaching strategies.

The MTSS Flip Chart offers a wealth of strategies and evidence-based practices to effectively implement a multi-tiered system of supports to ensure that all learners achieve academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success.
The Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart contains instructional strategies that reflect research findings and facilitate critical thinking.

This is a product image of the book Critical Thinking in the Classroom: a Practitioner's Guide


Lay the foundation for student growth and achievement.

Critical Thinking in the Classroom: A Practitioner’s Guide shares the why and the how for building critical thinking skills in K-12 classrooms, including over 100 practical tools and strategies to ensure effective implementation. Incorporate this book into your PLC with facilitator guide—filled with everything you need to lead an eleven-week book study!