ThinkUp! ELA supports critical thinking + instruction for 100% of the CCSS.

ThinkUp! ELA


ThinkUp! ELA introduces the focus CCSS and the 9 Traits of Critical ThinkingTM with evidence-based strategies to help teachers scaffold high-quality instruction and support students as they learn, practice, and master CCSS concepts.


Below are some additional benefits of using ThinkUp! ELA to provide quality instruction for every student.

  • Offers a Guided Instruction component with a focus on a specified reading CCSS—allowing teachers to use a systematic approach to model reading and thinking about the text and to debrief assessment items
  • Gives a variety of assessment forms and types to support teachers as they monitor student progress in regard to specific CCSS, including Pre-assessments, Selected-response items, Constructed-response items, Reflection prompts, and Extensions including, Performance Task, Research, Listening, and Literacy projects
  • Includes content to support teachers as they plan and prepare for instruction: Clarifying the standards, Lexile Measures of Unit Texts, Coding (CCSS, DOK, RBT), Instructional Strategies and Activities, Glossary of essential CCSS terms, and Teacher Reflection
  • Includes Getting Started, Instruction, Assessment, Intervention, Extension, and Reflection components that help teachers engage and accommodate all learners
  • Provides Reader Tips that support student understanding of the unit focus CCSS, including vocabulary, examples, and questions to guide thinking as well as a brief text for students to read and to apply the concept or skill
  • Features new, full-length, and grade-appropriate single and paired texts that meet the genre requirements of the CCSS for ELA and that engage students in meaningful and authentic reading experiences
  • Gives opportunities for students to read multiple texts on the same topic, make meaningful connections, analyze genre characteristics and craft as they apply the techniques to their own writing.
  • Includes Revising and Editing practice as students read and analyze brief texts for needed improvements or corrections
  • Offers an Extension, including Performance Task, Research, Listening, and Literacy projects