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Boost learning interest with ThinkUp! for Levels 1 & 2.

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A Foundation for Critical Thinking

By exploring critical thinking and higher levels of thinking from the beginning, students can strengthen their problem-solving strategies and behaviors, and develop a critical thinking mindset. By the time they enter tested grade-levels, students have familiarity and confidence as critical thinkers to unpack questions and learn more complex concepts and skills.

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Customized for Early Learners

By providing the foundational knowledge and skills at Grades 1 & 2, paired with early intervention in critical thinking teachers can save valuable time and reduce learning gaps commonly seen between tested grade levels.

ThinkUp! includes interactive, grade-level appropriate content with simplified language and visually appealing layout and graphics—customized for early readers. Content is built to stairstep students to prepare for tested grades and features rich, engaging activities that provide building-blocks for standards mastery.

Reduce learning gaps by providing a consistent process campus-wide. ThinkUp! supports the gradual release model of instruction and vertical alignment to prepare students for the challenging, higher-level work they'll meet in later grades. You can expect the same level of dedication and care to the alignment of standards and focus on critical thinking no matter the subject or grade level.

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ThinkUp! Critical Thinking Student Wheels and Teacher Guide

The ThinkUp! Critical Thinking Student Wheels for levels 1–3, 4–5, and 6–12 offer quick-and-easy access to critical thinking stems based on Bloom's Taxonomy. The wheels also feature nine traits when fully applied help students become active and productive thinkers as they face challenges, solve problems, make decisions, and complete tasks.

Team ThinkUp!

Team ThinkUp! offers educators and students a common language for critical thinking instruction at the classroom level. This focus is on making thinking visible. Team ThinkUp! encourages students to self-assess their understanding and usage of critical thinking traits during learning.

Build critical thinking skills—and relieve some stress—with coloring!

The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ serve as the foundation for all of our products. Download the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking coloring book to share with your students as a fun, free activity! The coloring book is available in English and Spanish.

Critical thinking is in everything we do.

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