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  • Get Started with ThinkUp!

    What is ThinkUp!?

    ThinkUp! ELA and Math is a resource that supports students as they master Common Core Standards and integrated the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking to help students build critical thinking skills.

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  • The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking

  • The Components of ThinkUp!

  • ThinkUp! Digital Component

    ThinkUp! comes with an online component that includes access to e-Books for whiteboard functionality, the ability to assign student pages online, and reporting.

    If you haven’t yet registered for the 2019/2020 school year, please go here to register teacher and student users.

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  • Critical Thinking Activity of the Month

    Every month we will post a new activity or tip that you can use in tandem with your ThinkUp! resource. Check back periodically for free new activities, tips, and resources to use in your classroom.

    These activities are meant to spark ideas, give suggestions, and save you some time coming up with your own activities. They can be easily adapted to fit your subject, grade level, and classroom.

    January: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man whose energy created momentous change in Civil Rights. Connecting his ability to effect change with the science concepts: Force, Motion, and Energy is a timely strategy for developing the Link critical thinking trait. Students will review causal relationships related to force, motion, and energy, helping them apply their knowledge to reach new understandings.

    January Activity of the Month

  • ThinkUp! in the Classroom

    Our Instructional Support team is on hand to support you all year long as you implement ThinkUp!. Here are some tips to get started, both for administrators and teachers.

  • Teacher and Student Edition

  • Lesson Plan Development

  • Integrate Critical Thinking into Every Lesson



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