ThinkUp! ELAR, Math, Science, and Writing

Designed for grades 1-8, each of these products integrates critical thinking into mastery of rigorous national standards.

Building a Successful Generation

ThinkUp! ELAR, Math, Science, and Writing were designed to develop children who grow into adults with the critical thinking skills they need to thrive in a challenging future. These products build students who are thinkers while achieving mastery of standards. Students who can think critically will be able to face academic challenges and demonstrate improved performance, equipping educators with a tool for success today while they build a successful generation for the future.

ThinkUp! ELAR

ThinkUp! ELAR embeds critical thinking and delivers instruction for 100% of the ELAR TEKS. It’s designed to build students who are thinkers—not just test takers. ThinkUp! ELAR offers students and teachers the opportunity to integrate all domains of the ELAR TEKS: reading, inquiry, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and thinking.

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ThinkUp! Math

ThinkUp! Math helps teachers deliver high-level, standards-based instruction so that students can develop the confidence they need to succeed. ThinkUp! Math offers consistent opportunities for students to think critically, to apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills and to participate in standards-based learning activities.

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ThinkUp! Science

ThinkUp! Science equips students with critical thinking skills and connects science to the real world. ThinkUp! Science strengthens science content and pedagogy by integrating critical thinking into every unit. Examples of evidence-based techniques or principles included in ThinkUp! Science are standards-based instruction, hands-on investigations, embedded critical thinking, ongoing monitoring and real-world applications.

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ThinkUp! Writing

ThinkUp! Writing (Levels 4 & 7) addresses 100% of the Writing TEKS and integrates the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ that support students as they learn, practice, and master the TEKS concepts. ThinkUp! Writing instructs students on and engages them in the writing process. Each unit includes activities that support the writing process, integrate the critical thinking skills needed for successful writing, and provide effective instruction with focused practice to help students master the composition, revising, and editing TEKS.

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