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Designed as a tool for teachers, Total Motivation is a flexible supplemental curriculum that integrates critical thinking and formative assessment with classroom instruction.

You Get Both—Print and Online Included!


The Teacher Edition complements any existing curricula or scope and sequence to help fill in the learning gaps.

  • Equip teachers with in‐depth knowledge of the standards, with each one unpacked and explained in detail.
  • Get access to the best standards‐based strategies and classroom activities—all in one resource.


The Student Edition provides teachers with a valuable resource to support guided practice, group activities, or one‐on‐one instruction—in print and online.

  • Help students master the standards with relevant content that integrates formative assessment and supports cross‐curricular connections.
  • Encourage higher‐level skills with built‐in critical thinking applications.
  • Provide differentiated instruction based on the needs of your students.


Real‐time progress monitoring eliminates the guesswork.

  • Track student progress at the individual, school, and district level.
  • Identify learning gaps—understand what your students know and what they still need to learn.
  • Find the students who require intervention and get them help right away.

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Total Motivation is built on solid research—and even better, it’s proven effective by independent studies.

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