Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q: How do I change a teacher, student, or administrator password?
Q: How does a student get assigned to a class?
Q: How does a student join a new class for another title?
Q: How do I utilize the online progress monitoring for assignments that students completed in the print Student Edition?
Q: How does my school or district add more administrators to our school or district account?
Q: Can I use Motivation Online with a whiteboard?
Q: How do I get a registration code if I am a teacher? How do I get a registration code if I am an administrator?
Q: How do I know my student’s data is safe and secure?
Q: How do I access a copy of the privacy policy?
Q: How do I delete student(s)?
Q: How do I print or export student information?
Q: Can I print online assignments?
Q: What do I do to prepare for the upcoming school year with Motivation Online if our school previously used it?
Q: How do I add titles to my classes?
Technical Questions
Q: What are the Motivation Online system requirements?
Q: Why do I need to enable pop-ups? How do I enable pop-ups or disable popup blockers?
Q: Why did Motivation Online log me out?
Q: Can users be imported into Motivation Online? Who can import?
Licensing Questions
Q: After purchasing Total Motivation, when does the online license begin?
Q: How will I know when the Motivation Online license expires?
Q: How do I add more student seats?
Q: What if I do not have my registration card?