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Getting Started with
Total Motivation
With Total Motivation you have access to the standards, proven strategies for classroom instruction, a flexible resource designed for ease of use, and much more.
How Total Motivation Promotes Critical Thinking
Integrating meaningful learning experiences that promote critical thinking is essential in cultivating 21st Century learners.
Using Total Motivation to Improve
Student Performance
If you want to improve student performance, assessments must become an integral part of the instruction process.
You Have Both! How to Combine
Print and Online in the Classroom
With three modes of presentation, Total Motivation offers teachers flexibility in delivering instruction.

Technology Integration to Transform Learning
Schools are increasingly using a wide array of digital tools to support and enhance learning. But rather than allowing the integration of technology to become an end goal in itself, implementation should utilize technology as an instrument to engage students in higher-level thinking tasks.
Thinking Critically
Asking questions takes skill and practice. By making subjects intellectually challenging, and asking questions that delve deep into learning, teachers give students opportunities to move beyond surface thinking and think critically as they acquire and evaluate new knowledge.
Fostering Academic Classroom Conversations
Engaging students in conversation is essential to deeper learning. This “academic talk” creates opportunities for them to practice skills, including the ability to express and defend positions, consider different points of view, plus gather and evaluate evidence.
The Hidden Curriculum
Educators today must teach a variety of coursework: the one mandated by the state, the one the teacher is passionate about, the tested one, and a hidden one as well. This multilayered curriculum is challenging because it is merely assumed, often taken for granted, and denied to students that need it most.