The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking

By Integrating These 9 Traits Across the Curriculum, Educators Can Build a School-Wide Thinking Culture That Supports Student Growth and Achievement

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Together, these 9 traits lay the foundation for promoting standards mastery, student achievement, and a culture of growth in the classroom. They will help develop critical thinkers who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™

  • Adapt

    I adjust my actions and strategies to accomplish tasks.

  • Examine

    I use a variety of methods to explore and to analyze.

  • Create

    I use my knowledge and imagination to express new and innovative ideas.

  • Communicate

    I use clear language to express my ideas and to share information.

  • Collaborate

    I work with others to achieve better outcomes.

  • Inquire

    I seek information that excites my curiosity and inspires my learning.

  • Link

    I apply knowledge to reach new understandings.

  • Reflect

    I review my thoughts and experiences to guide my actions.

  • Strive

    I use effort and determination to focus on challenging tasks.

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Watch as Product Manager and former teacher and administrator, Ladona Cook goes in-depth with Mentoring Minds’ 9 Traits of Critical Thinking.

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