Why Critical Thinking?

Because Success in School and the Success of Our Future Depends on Critical Thinking

Why ThinkUp!

At Mentoring Minds, our work starts by developing research-based products and continues throughout the school year, as we help schools implement our resources and realize student growth. The work doesn’t end there, though. Big picture initiatives are central to our mission, too. We’re investing in our communities to address hunger, adult literacy, and other issues that—though often invisible—fundamentally impact students’ ability to learn.

Teach Our Future to ThinkUp!

ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System equips educators with resources that support a school-wide thinking culture and deepen student engagement. Use ThinkUp! Foundations to introduce the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™. Link thinking critically to real-life situations by incorporating Team ThinkUp! into instruction. Promote standards mastery through critical thinking across subjects and curricula with ThinkUp! Math, ThinkUp! Science, ThinkUp! ELA/R, and ThinkUp! Writing.

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The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™

Each trait contributes to the development of skillful thinking and an environment that supports deeper learning. Students become more effective critical thinkers and problem solvers when they apply the 9 Traits: Adapt, Examine, Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Reflect, Strive, Link, and Inquire.

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Leaders in the Field of Critical Thinking

Nearly two decades ago, wife and husband Lisa and Michael Lujan founded Mentoring Minds to be a national K─12 publisher with a mission to put critical thinking at the center of the classroom. Their focus was on creating research-based resources designed to be flexible for classroom needs, to support technology integration and standards mastery for Math, ELAR, and Science. Today, Mentoring Minds impacts millions of students every day by partnering with principals and teachers across the country to improve student achievement and teach critical thinking. As an unpredictable future rapidly approaches, critical thinking has become even more important for our next generation.

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