ThinkUp! Writing supports critical thinking + instruction for 100% of the TEKS.

ThinkUp! Writing


ThinkUp! Writing strengthens writing instruction and supports students as they learn, practice, and master the TEKS concepts.

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Below are some additional benefits of using ThinkUp! Writing to help students develop their writing skills and master the Writing TEKS.

  • Provides plans to implement the composition, revising, and editing units
  • Applies the Gradual Release Model of instruction
  • Offers rigorous content that supports TEKS mastery
  • Provides focused instruction for specific Writing TEKS
  • Allows for the immediate application and demonstration of learning
  • Integrates the 9 Traits of Critical ThinkingTM into every lesson.
  • Offers model texts to support student understanding of the characteristics and craft of the writing genres
  • Includes explanations of composition, revising, and editing TEKS using student-friendly language
  • Challenges students to articulate their learning through reflection
  • Provides students with opportunities to learn and practice the TEKS with teacher support